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Workshop #1: Craft your first LegalTech app

Apply algorithmic design to your legal reasoning and build your first legal application from scratch

In this module, you will learn how to translate your legal reasoning into a language that an engineer can understand. You will understand how to structure your requirements into user stories and how to break down the main pieces of an app's architecture design. After a crash course on computer programming (where you will learn basics such as variable assignments, iterations, if... then... statements, HTML scraping, etc.), you will be asked to design the algorithm powering a LegalTech app in the field of bankruptcy. Then, you will get your hands dirty and build your app from scratch. Watch at the end of the session your LegalTech app unfold live on the internet and witness the magic of algorithms in action !

Audience: legal counsel & business lawyers (no pre-requisites in coding)

Objectives: learn how to apply your legal reasoning to algorithmic design 

Language: English

Place: Brussels

Time: Tuesday 24 November 2020 - 9:00 to 13:00 

Device: bring your own laptop (PC or Mac)

Min. 7/max. 15 participants per workshop


Possibility to organise in-house workshops on request

Next date:

Tue 24 November 2020 
Larcier (Espace Jacqmotte)
Rue Haute 139/6
1000 Brussels

Workshop #2: Sign your first Smart Contract

Understand the opportunities and challenges brought by Blockchain to the Legal industry

After a basic introduction to Blockchain (the technology powering Bitcoin amongst other crypto-currencies and applications), you will discover how it can be used to power self-enforcing agreements called Smart Contracts. You will be given the opportunity to craft a Smart Contract based on a crop insurance. You will understand the fundamental opportunities and challenges linked to this technology. At the end of the session, you will be able to deploy your very first smart contract on the Ethereum Test Blockchain, showcasing the world that you ventured in this new exciting space !

Audience: legal counsel & business lawyers  (no pre-requisites in coding)

Objectives: Understand the potentialities of Blockchain technology to disrupt the legal industry with Smart Contracts

Language: English

Place: Brussels

Time: Tuesday 8/12/2020 - 9:00 to 13:00

Device: bring your own laptop (PC or Mac)

Min. 7/max. 15 participants per workshop

Possibility to organise private in-house workshops on request

Next date:

Tue 8 December 2020
Larcier (Espace Jacqmotte)
Rue Haute 139/6
1000 Brussels

Tech for Lawyers Summer Masterclass

Gain actionable understanding of the tech concepts that matter for your practice

Experts fail at teaching tech to lawyers

Legal scholars deliver academical lectures that are detached from technical reality & day-to-day business constraints

Tech gurus provide aspirational talks that are disconnected from their legal context

The Law Is Code Manifesto

We combine the best of law & tech to provide legal experts with hands-on, fun & interactive trainings

Our teachers are active practitioners & their combined expertise covers the whole spectrum of technology: software, hardware, networks, cybersecurity, data, eMarketing & artificial intelligence

Audience: legal counsel & business lawyers 

Objectives: Gain actionable understanding of day-to-day tech concepts & corresponding legal ramifications

Language: English

Place: Brussels

Device: bring your own laptop (PC or Mac)

Participants are eligible for 16 IJE/IBJ training points (4 points/module)


Meet your coaches

Adrien and Thomas combine the best of Law & Code

Adrien van den Branden obtained an LL.M. in Commercial Law at the University of Cambridge in 2014 and learned to code at Le Wagon coding school.

After earning his stripes as a business lawyer at Linklaters and CMS, Adrien launched Law For Tech, a boutique firm in the area of technology and data. 

Adrien founded, the innovation hub of the French and German-speaking Bars Association of Belgium.

Thomas Vanderstraeten obtained an MSc in Applied Mathematics at UCL in 2012. After working as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company for more than 3 years, he delved into code and is now CTO at Seraphin, a leading digital insurance broker in Belgium. Thomas is also the founder of, a Blockchain technology consultancy.

What Participants Say About Law Is Code

"Happy to be a participant on the workshop. Thanks Adrien van den Branden and Thomas Vanderstraeten for making technology so accessible. Finally a workshop where new and complex technology is brought as a topic that's easy to understand, where you can experience the advantages in realtime through a daily practical case."


Workshop #2 on Smart Contracts


"This workshop is an ideal lever and toolkit for lawyers so they can explain technical people tomorrow to optimize their customer journey. The intro to design thinking, agile and lean development and practicing to code yourself is an ideal mix to sharpen digital skills."

Workshop #1 on LegalTech

"Great exercices very practical. Congratulations for the high level of the workshop!"

Workshop #2 on Smart Contracts



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